Jerry & Ruth (Donley) Krepps lived in Lancaster, Pa for a few years
while Jerry served in World War II.

This set are John & Lilian Donley with children (Janice & Richard) of Gerald & Ruth (Donley) Krepps.  Includes Ruth’s sister, Dorothy (Donley) Weller.

 John Donley holding granddaughter Janice Krepps-1944  John Donley with Janice & Richard Krepps  John & Lillian Donley with daughter Dorothy holding Janice & Richard Krepps - c. 1944  Janice & Richard Krepps with John Donley

Janice & Richard Krepps with parents Ruth and Gerald Krepps circa 1947.

 Donley Christmas Samson, NY Naval Training Base Janice & Richard-002 Samson, NY Naval Training Base Janice & RichardRuth Krepps-002 Samson, NY Naval Training Base (5) Janice & Richard Krepps-1947Richard & Janice Krepps Ruth Krepps with Janice & Richard Ruth Krepps - 001 Richard Krepps-1945 Jerry, Janice, Ruth-1943Janice KreppsRichard Krepps-1944 Richard Krepps-002 Richard Krepps Richard Krepps (3)     Janice, Richard, Ruth Krepps-1945 Janice Krepps-004 Janice Krepps-003 Janice & DickGerald with Janice & RichardJan & Dick-1946Janice Krepps-002  Richard & Janice Krepps (3)Janice & Richard-Samson-1945 Janice & Richard-1944 Janice & Richard Krepps  Jan, Dick, Ruth Krepps-1946  Gerald with Richard-Samson-1945  Dick Krepps-002   Dick & Janice-1945 Dick & Jan-1945Dick 1944Dick Krepps

Niagra FallsChristmas-1945


2 thoughts on “Lancaster”

  1. Beth Astor said:

    I think the pictures labelled “Niagara Falls” were actually taken in two different places. The Hemlock Spring Overlook is on Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

    • Wow, Beth, good eye….I’m in the process of naming all the pictures on this site above each one. I didn’t take the time to do that when first posting this information a few years ago. I have more time lately.

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