Jerry’s Farm

Right Click on any picture and click save as – each picture is tagged with a title that indicates who is in the picture and sometimes when it was taken.

Jerry bought the farm near Brown’s Dam in 1953.

The family lived there during the summer months
while staying in McSherrystown during the winter.
After winterizing the house,
we moved permanently to the farm in the summer of 1956.

Farm-1954 (6)Barn-c. 1965

Farm HouseFarm House-003 Farm House-002Krepps Home - Summer 1954Farm House-008  Farm House-006 Farm House-005Jan. Ruth, Mildred Dowers, Flossie, Easter-1954Farm-1954 Farm-1954 (9)  Farm-1954 (5)   Farm House-004

Hayride-1956-Jerry, Mim, Bob, Mary Hay Ride 1957-Church Ladies Hay Ride 1956-002 Hay Ride 1956

1958-004 1958-003

Krepps Family-1956-003Krepps Family-1956-002Krepps Family-1956Krepps Family-002Jerry-1957PicnicPhilip, David, Marjorie, Richard, Gerald, Janice Krepps-1954Philip, Ann & Robert Krepps, George Reynolds, Richard, Thomas, Michael & Patricia Krepps, Mary KreppsPhil & Mike Krepps - 1963Mim & George Reynolds-Pete & Jane Wagaman-Bob & Ann Krepps-Jerry & Ruth Krepps-1956Mike & PhilMary, Ann, Jeff-1956Mary Jane, Mim, Mary, EarlMary & Ruth-1957Larry, Steve, Mary Jane, Pete Wagaman-1956Gerald Krepps-005Gerald Krepps-004Gerald Krepps-002Gerald & Ruth Krepps with Richard, Janice, Philip, Marjorie, Jeffrey, David-1956George & Mim Reynolds-Pete & Mary Jane Wagaman-Bob & Ann Krepps, Gerald & Ruth Krepps-1956Gerald with Steve Wagaman, David, Philip, Kathleeen Reynolds, Marjorie, Ann Krepps, Mary Jane Wagaman-1956Cleaning Chickens-002-1956Cleaning ChickensDavy Crocket

5 Phil Krepps-1957-2Phil & Jeff-1958Steve & Pete Wagaman-1959Dave, Ruth, Phil, Marge-1958Christmas-1958-006Christmas-1958-005Christmas-1958-005 (2)Christmas-1958-004Ruth Donley Krepps-1957Christmas 1961Christmas 1959  Train-1971-003Tree-1971Creche-1972Train-1971-0033  Gerald-1971Gerald Krepps-1970Train-1971Lillian donley-1971Ruth with Anna Kuhn and her Mother1957FarmPhil on Rusty with RileyNew Oxford Celebration-1974Mike Weller & Phil Krepps-1958Marge & jerry-1957Jerry, Marge, Dave, Janice, Dick, Ruth; Jeff & Phil on horses-September 1957Jerry & the MareJerry & Ruth-1958Dick with Uncle John Wood-1968Dave & jeff-195819591959 (3)1957-002 Washington Zoo - Jeff, Andy, Ruth, Dave, Phil, Marge-c. 1961Washington Zoo-David & Andrew KreppsWashington ZooVery Early Spring April 1975 Uncle Tom & Aunt Jemima       Strasburg Railroad Storm Damage  Shoe Lath Ruth-August, 1955 Ruth Krepps-1960Ruth-1968 Ruth, Marge, Jeff, Jerry Krepps-Caledonia state Park Ruth with Mother Lillian Donley   Ruth with Andrew-1959 Ruth Krepps-1960-002   Ruth Krepps Ruth & Gerald Krepps-Steve Wagaman's Wedding-Old St. Joseph church, Hanover, Pa. 1974 Ruth & Gerald Krepps-Square Dancing-1970's Rut h, Eddie, Phil-1975  Rebecca & Gerald Krepps-1973  Phil's Tree House - 1961 Phil's First Cake  Phil, George, Dave, Marge, Jeff, Kathy-1957 Phil with Snowman   Phil Krepps-1957     Phil & Ruth Phil & Penny Krepps with edward Earl & Rebecca Jean-1973 Phil & Jeff Krepps with Gary Pausch (Stooping) New Oxford Celebration-1970's New Oxford Celebration-002 MX-2640N_20130805_101916_004  Mt. St. Mary's Alumni Moon Rosary Mike Weller, Mike Sholley, Marge, Phil, Jerry, Jeff Dave Krepps   May-1958 Mary Krepps-1972 Mary Krepps-1971  Phil 1st Communion 5 Phil 1st Communion -2Phil 1st Communion -1Jeff & Phil-May, 1958Marjorie, Philip, David, Edward, Gerald, Janice-May-1958 Marge, Phil, Dave, Dick, Jerry, Janice-May 1958Phil Confirmation - 3 Phil Comfirmation -  2Phil Confirmation - 1 1964Marjorie, Ruth, Philip, Andrew, Jeffrey, Gerald Krepps-May, 1968  Marge with Mary Krepps-1974 Marge Krepps-Kathy & Karen Reynolds-Steve Wagaman's Wedding-c. 1979  Marge & Ruth - 1976 Marge & Jack Lion's Club Father Son-Daughter Night-Marge, Jeff, Dave, Andy, Dick Krepps-April 1974 1952 Chevrolet DeluxeLake Marburg-1970 Leppy    Riley-1962 Riley-1957-002 Riley-1957JoshMarge , Buppy Sue, 1969 Jerry with Lewis Klunk with new Sausage Press-1971 Jerry Krepps-1957 Jerry & Dick-1958 Jerrry & Edward Earl Krepps-1973 Jelly Glasses Jeffrey & Philip Krepps-1959 Jeff-Andy-1959Andy-1959-002Andy-1959Andy-1958 Janice & Andrew Krepps-1958Jeff=April 17, 1959 Jeff, Phil, Andy Krepps-1959 Jeff with George Reynolds, Jr. 1956  Jeff & Phil Krepps-1959   James Haydon & Cathy Krepps-1974  Ice Cream Sundaes Howard Albright Howard Albright, Jerry Krepps, Archie Pentz  Home Mass Helen, Dick, Tom, Lil, Gerald     IHM Church, Abbottstown, Pa. Just before 1971 RenovationGerald-Jeffrey, David, Marjorie, Richard, Andrew Krepps   Gerald Krepps-1959 Gerald Krepps-1958  Gerald Krepps-003 Gerald Krepps Family Gerald & Ruth Krepps-1976 Gerald & Ruth Krepps Gerald & Rebecca Krepps-1972 Fireplace-Spring-1959 Father, Forgive Them, They Know Not What They Do    Edward & Ruth Krepps-1973 Ed, Jan, Phil, Marge, Julia-1974  Dick, Jeff, Dave Krepps David Krepps David & Darlene Krepps David & Andrew Krepps-Washington Zoo  Dave, Jeff, Phil, Jan-April 17, 1959 Dave and Phil  Cowan's Gap-1956 Christmas-1958-003 Christmas-1958-002 Christmas-1958 Chimney-1959 Caledonia 2 Caledonia - 1 Butchering-1958 Buppy-1971 BiCentenial 1963   Andy, Jan, Dick, Phil, Ruth, Jeff-1959 Andy & Nancy Krepps Andy & Jeff Krepps-1972 Andrew, Jeffrey, Ruth Krepps Addition on Tool Shed 1972     35th - Anniversary-Sliting His Own ThroatPhilip, David, Marjorie Krepps-1976Philip, Backy, Jeffrey, Ruth, Nancy, Andrew, Edward, Penny, Gerald, Paul, steve, MargeEarl Krepps-1974-002Earl Krepps-1974-001MX-2640N_20130805_100958_016Earl KreppsEarl & Mary-1953Earl & Mary KreppsEarl & Mary Krepps Vero Beach, Fla-Christmas 1959Earl & Mary (Henry) Krepps


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