Right Click on any picture and click save as – each picture is tagged with a title that indicates who is in the picture and sometimes when it was taken.

1949-Addition Rr. 325 North St. Unknown South Mountain Fairgrounds-Lottie Trone Krepps with Phil-1951 South Mountain Fairgrounds-George, Kathleen & Mildred Reynolds-1951 South Mountain Fairgrounds-George & Mim, Ann & Bob, Jerry & Ruth, Pete & Mary Jane South Mountain Fairgrounds-Earl & Lottie Samson, NY Naval Training Base Ruth with Jeff-1956  Samson, NY Naval Training Base (5) Ruth-George-Mim Ruth Ruth, Philip, Marjorie Krepps-January 11, 1952 Ruth, Dick, Phil, Gerald, Jeffrey, Janice 1956Phil Krepps - Infant Ruth with Peggy & Nelson Topper Ruth with Janice, Richard & David-January 1948 Ruth Krepps-1946 Ruth Krepps-002Phil 1956 Ruth Krepps   Ruth Donley Krepps-1957  Ruth & Marjorie-11-03-1948McSherrystown BiCentennial-1963 Ruth & Jerry-1956 Ruth & Jerry-1943 Ruth & Gerald Krepps-Basement of Earl's House-3rd Street, Hanover-Christmas 1953 Ruth & Gerald Krepps-Archie & Dorothy Pentz Ruth & Gerald Krepps - 1942 Richard, David, Marjorie, Gerald Krepps      Richard & Janice Krepps Richard & Janice Krepps (3) Pud Groft-Darlene Topper-Janice Krepps-Cindy & Pat Krepps-Marge Krepps-Mary Long Phil's 2nd Birthday-01-11-1953- with Marjorie Phil-Jerry-1953 Philip, Marjorie, Janice, Richard, Ruth, Gerald Krepps-1953 Philip, david, Marjorie-(Dog-Floss)-1952 Philip Krepps-c1952-2 Philip Krepps-c1952 Philip Krepps-c1951 Phil-Birthday-1954 Phil, Ruth, Dave-1953 Phil Krepps-George Reynolds-1953 Phil Krepps-Christmas 1951 Phil Krepps-1954 Phil Krepps - Infant Phil & Dick-c. 1952 Pete, Ann, Bob, Jerry-July, 1951 Parade 1946  Near Brown's Dam-002 Near Brown's Dam MX-2640N_20130805_102853_036 MX-2640N_20130805_100958_0111  Mom, Jan, Marge, Phil, cottage Mim-Toby, Jerry, harry, George Mim, x, x, Mary Jane, x, (Bob)-Back Row Mim, Bob, Mary Jane, Gerald Mike Groft-Nelkie Topper-Dick Krepps-Sue Groft-David Krepps-Marjorie Krepps-Cynthia KreppsRuth Krepps-1953 (2) Mike & Pud Groft-Janice Krepps-1947 McSherrystown Parade-1946-007 McSherrystown Parade-1946-006 McSherrystown Parade-1946-005 McSherrystown Parade-1946-004 McSherrystown Parade-1946-003-Paul (Snag) Krepps, Jr. Home McSherrystown Parade-1946-003 McSherrystown Parade-1946-002 McSherrystown Parade-1946Mary, George, Donnie, Mim, Bob-July 1951

Mary Krepps-001 Mary & Earl Krepps Marjorie, Ruth, david Krepps-1949 Marjorie & David Krepps Marjorie & David Krepps c. 1951 Margorie Krepps-11-3-1948 Marge-Jan-Phil-Dave Marge, Ruth, Phil, Dick, Dave, Janice Krepps c. 1954 Marge, Jerry, Dick, Corde Marge, Jan, Ruth, Phil, Dick-1953 Marge, Jan, Phil-1953 Marge, Jan, Kathy, Mim, Phil, Jerry, Ruth-1953 Marge, Dick, Phil, Jan, Dave, Ruth Krepps-c. 1954 Marge 1st CommunionGerald's Family in McSherrystown Marge & Phil-01-11-1954 Marge & Phil Krepps-1954 Marge & Dave Krepps-Kathy Reynolds Lottie Trone Krepps with Phil-1951 Lottie Trone Krepps holding Janice Krepps-1942 Lion's Club Charter Night-06-1950-Cross Keys Hotel Lil, Jerry, Jan-Near Brown's Dam Krepps Family-July, 1951-7 Krepps Family-July 1951 Krepps Family-002-July 1951 Kathy, Dave, Dick, Marge, Tom, Janice, Larry-July 1951 John Wood & Gerald Krepps Jerry, Janice, Ruth-1943 Jerry, Dick, Jan, Mary Brieghner-1947 Jerry Krepps-1956 Jerry Krepps & John Wood-Mt. St. Mary's 1938  Janice-1946 Janice, Richard, Ruth Krepps-1945 Janice, David, Ruth Krepps-1948 Janice Krepps-Mike Groft-Dick Krepps-Pud Groft-Darlene Topper-David Krepps-Cindy Holding Pat Krepps-Marge Krepps-Mary Long         Jan, Dick, Ruth Krepps-1946 Jan & Dick-1946   Gerald with David Gerald Krepps-McSherrystown, Pa. Gerald Krepps-CMTC-1934 Gerald Krepps-1949-Addition Rr. 325 North St. Gerald Krepps-1949-Addition Rr. 325 North St. 2 Gerald Krepps-1944-002 Gerald Krepps-1944 Gerald Krepps-006 Gerald Krepps-005 Gerald Krepps with Mother in Law-Lillian Donley Gerald Krepps with Lillian Russell McCoy Donley-1956 Gerald Krepps (3) Gerald Krepps & John Donley 1945 Gerald & Ruth Krepps-Newport, R.I. 1943 Gerald & Richard Krepps-1949-Addition Rr. 325 North St. Gerald & Richard Krepps  George, Kathleen & Mildred Reynolds-1951 George Reynolds, Earl & Mary Krepps, Mary Jane Wagaman George & Mim, Ann & Bob, Jerry & Ruth, Pete & Mary Jane-South Mountain Fairgrounds Frank Krepps-8th Grade Graduation Frank Krepps 8th Grade with Janice & Dick Flossie Floss, Janice, Richard-Spring of 1947 Fire Scene-Central Catholic-1938 Easter-1954 easter egg hunt Earl, Mary Jane, Gerald, Ruth, George, Mary Earl Krepps-Basement of 3rd Street House-Christmas-1953 Earl Krepps' Basement Earl & Mary-Jerry & Ruth-New Year's 1956 Earl & Lottie Dick, Phil, Kathy, Dave, George, Jan, Marge Dick, Jan, Tom, Jerry, Jack, Woody, Marge, Dave c. 1950 Dick, Jan, Mary Breighner, Jerry-1947 Dick, Dave, Phil, Jan, Ruth, Marge, Jerry Krepps-1952     Dick & Janice Krepps; Mike Groft; Dave Krepps; Kathy Reynolds; Marge Krepps Dick & Janice at Dot's Wedding-1946  Dick & Dave Krepps-1948 David, Philip, Marjorie, Flossie-1952 David, Marge, Janice, Dick, Jerry, Phil--1952-Note Phil's Leg Braces David, Janice, Philip, Ruth, Richard, Marjorie Krepps-1951 David Krepps-11-3-1948 David Krepps Dave-1948 Dave, Phil, Marge - c. 1953 Dave, Kathy, Marge, Jan, George, Dick Dave, Kathy, Marge, Dick, Jan, Mike Groft-c. 1950 Dave & Phil Krepps-1952 Darlene Topper, Janice & Richard Krepps-11-03-1949 Corde & Ruth-1952 Christmas-1946 Christmas-1945 Christmas-1944 Charter Night-06-1950-Cross Keys Hotel Ann, Mary, George, Mike, Earl, Ruth, Mary, Janice ABVM 1956 1st Communion Class 1955


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  1. Mike Brady said:

    Enjoyed the pictures of “our old house” 1963-ca 1992. Mike Brady Jr

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