Right Click on any picture and click save as – each picture is tagged with a title that indicates who is in the picture and sometimes when it was taken.

Dr. Gerald W. Krepps-1917-1980Gerald Krepps (3)

1938-Gerald Krepps and his Central H.S. & Mt. St. Mary’s College friend
John Wood, who later became his brother in law. …and later, some of their kids!
John married Jerry’s wife’s sister, Helen who are shown on the Donley page.
Jerry Krepps & John Wood-Mt. St. Mary's 1938Dick, Jan, Tom, Jerry, Jack, Woody, Marge, Dave c. 1950John Wood & Gerald Krepps

Burning of Central Catholic High School
Fire Scene-Central Catholic-1938

Samson, NY, Navy Training Base; later shipped to Philippines.
Samson, NY Naval Training BaseRuth & Jerry-1943 Ruth & Gerald Krepps - 1942Gerald & Ruth Krepps-Newport, R.I. 1943Gerald & Richard KreppsGerald Krepps-McSherrystown, Pa.
Gerald Krepps-CMTC-1934Gerald Krepps-1944-002Gerald Krepps-1944Gerald Krepps-006

World War II is Over-McSherrystown, Pa Parade
Parade 1946McSherrystown Parade-1946-007  McSherrystown Parade-1946-005McSherrystown Parade-1946-006  McSherrystown Parade-1946-003-Paul (Snag) Krepps, Jr. HomeMcSherrystown Parade-1946-004  McSherrystown Parade-1946-003McSherrystown Parade-1946-002  McSherrystown Parade-1946

After the war, Jerry bought his father Earl’s “old homestead” and moved the family who had lived with Ruth’s relatives in Lancaster during the war.  Home was later renumbered and is present day 325 North St., McSherrystown, Pa.

1949-Addition-rear-325-north-st-Jerry Krepps

1949-Addition Rr. 325 North St.Gerald Krepps-1949-Addition Rr. 325 North St. 2Gerald Krepps-1949-Addition Rr. 325 North St.Gerald & Richard Krepps-1949-Addition Rr. 325 North St.  

Christmas in the late 1940’s through the mid 1950’s
Christmas-1946Christmas-1945Christmas-1944Ruth Krepps-1953 (2)Jan & Dick-1946
Janice-1946Jan, Dick, Ruth Krepps-1946Ruth with Janice, Richard & David-January 1948Janice, David, Ruth Krepps-1948Philip, Marjorie, Janice, Richard, Ruth, Gerald Krepps-1953Marge-Jan-Phil-DaveEarl, Mary Jane, Gerald, Ruth, George, MaryEarl Krepps-Basement of 3rd Street House-Christmas-1953  Earl & Mary-Jerry & Ruth-New Year's 1956Earl Krepps' Basement1955Ruth with Jeff-1956

Jerry & Ruth’s Kids
  Richard & Janice KreppsDick & Janice at Dot's Wedding-1946Gerald with David
   Ruth, Philip, Marjorie Krepps-January 11, 1952Ruth, Dick, Phil, Gerald, Jeffrey, Janice 1956Phil Krepps - InfantPhil 1956    Ruth & Marjorie-11-03-1948Phil's 2nd Birthday-01-11-1953- with Marjorie      Richard & Janice Krepps (3)Philip, david, Marjorie-(Dog-Floss)-1952Phil-Jerry-1953Philip Krepps-c1952    Philip Krepps-c1952-2Philip Krepps-c1951Phil Krepps-Christmas 1951Phil-Birthday-1954Phil Krepps-1954Phil Krepps - InfantPhil, Ruth, Dave-1953Phil & Dick-c. 1952Marjorie & David KreppsMarjorie, Ruth, david Krepps-1949Margorie Krepps-11-3-1948Marge, Ruth, Phil, Dick, Dave, Janice Krepps c. 1954Marge, Jan, Ruth, Phil, Dick-1953Marjorie & David Krepps c. 1951

Marge, Jan, Kathy, Mim, Phil, Jerry, Ruth-1953Marge, Jan, Phil-1953   Marge, Dick, Phil, Jan, Dave, Ruth Krepps-c. 1954 Marge 1st Communion

Marge & Phil-01-11-1954Marge & Phil Krepps-1954Gerald's Family in McSherrystown  Marge & Dave Krepps-Kathy Reynolds

Janice, Richard, Ruth Krepps-1945Jerry, Dick, Jan, Mary Brieghner-1947Jerry, Janice, Ruth-1943  

Easter-1954Janice, David, Ruth Krepps-1948FlossieFloss, Janice, Richard-Spring of 1947  

Dick, Jan, Mary Breighner, Jerry-1947Dick, Phil, Kathy, Dave, George, Jan, Marge
Dick, Dave, Phil, Jan, Ruth, Marge, Jerry Krepps-1952Dick & Dave Krepps-1948David, Marge, Janice, Dick, Jerry, Phil--1952-Note Phil's Leg BracesDavid, Philip, Marjorie, Flossie-1952David Krepps-11-3-1948David, Janice, Philip, Ruth, Richard, Marjorie Krepps-1951
David KreppsDave-1948
Dave, Phil, Marge - c. 1953Dave, Kathy, Marge, Jan, George, DickDave & Phil Krepps-1952Dave, Kathy, Marge, Dick, Jan, Mike Groft-c. 1950

The Neighborhood Kids
Ruth with Peggy & Nelson TopperPud Groft-Darlene Topper-Janice Krepps-Cindy & Pat Krepps-Marge Krepps-Mary Long
Mim-Toby, Jerry, harry, GeorgeMike Groft-Nelkie Topper-Dick Krepps-Sue Groft-David Krepps-Marjorie Krepps-Cynthia Krepps
Jerry, Dick, Jan, Mary Brieghner-1947Mike & Pud Groft-Janice Krepps-1947   Janice Krepps-Mike Groft-Dick Krepps-Pud Groft-Darlene Topper-David Krepps-Cindy Holding Pat Krepps-Marge Krepps-Mary Longeaster egg hunt
Frank Krepps-8th Grade Graduation  Frank Krepps 8th Grade with Janice & Dick

Jerry’s brther Bob’s family “et al” in the early 1950’s
Krepps Family-July 1951Krepps Family-July, 1951-7Krepps Family-002-July 1951Kathy, Dave, Dick, Marge, Tom, Janice, Larry-July 1951Ann, Mary, George, Mike, Earl, Ruth, Mary, JanicePete, Ann, Bob, Jerry-July, 1951Mary, George, Donnie, Mim, Bob-July 1951

Outing at South-Mountain-Fairgrounds-1951
lottie-trone-krepps-with-phil                             george-kathleen-mildred-reynolds
South Mountain Fairgrounds-Lottie Trone Krepps with Phil-1951                                       South Mountain Fairgrounds-George, Kathleen & Mildred Reynolds-1951
earl and his mother,                                                george-mim-ann-bob-jerry-ruth-
lottie trone krepps                                                   pete-mary-jane
South Mountain Fairgrounds-Earl & Lottie                                    South Mountain Fairgrounds-George & Mim, Ann & Bob, Jerry & Ruth, Pete & Mary Jane

Mim, Bob, Mary Jane, Gerald

Summer cottage on Pentz Rd.

Phil Krepps-George Reynolds-1953Near Brown's Dam-002Lil, Jerry, Jan-Near Brown's DamNear Brown's DamMom, Jan, Marge, Phil, cottage

Samson, NY Naval Training Base (5)

RuthRuth Krepps-1946
Ruth Krepps-002Ruth & Jerry-1956Ruth & Gerald Krepps-Archie & Dorothy PentzRuth & Gerald Krepps-Basement of Earl's House-3rd Street, Hanover-Christmas 1953

Ruth KreppsMim, x, x, Mary Jane, x, (Bob)-Back Row

MX-2640N_20130805_102853_036Lottie Trone Krepps holding Janice Krepps-1942

Mary Krepps-001Mary & Earl Krepps

Lion's Club Charter Night-06-1950-Cross Keys Hotel

Jerry Krepps-1956Gerald Krepps-005

Gerald Krepps with Mother in Law-Lillian DonleyGerald Krepps with Lillian Russell McCoy Donley-1956

George Reynolds, Earl & Mary Krepps, Mary Jane WagamanGerald Krepps & John Donley 1945

Corde & Ruth-1952Marge, Jerry, Dick, Corde

ABVM 1956 1st Communion Class
Lewis Klunk-BiCentennial-1963
McSherrystown BiCentennial-1963



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