The Kinnemans

Alexander & Amanda Kinneman

Alexander Kinneman (2)Amanda Kinneman (2)

Alexander & Amanda Kinneman

Amanda & Alexander Kinneman-Parents of effieAlexander & Amanda Kinneman - parents of effie

The Kinnemans had two daughters and one son, William Alexander (no photo)

Effie M. Kinneman                        Minnie Kinneman
Born-c. 1894 – Died – 1935

Effie Kinneman - 1914-15Minnie Kinneman

Effie as a little girl.

Effie Kinneman (2)

Rocking horse is still in existence in the home of Jeffrey Krepps, 216 Lincoln Way East, New Oxford, Pa.

(updated 2017)

Amanda Kinneman-002 (2)Amanda Kinneman

Amanda Kinneman-002

 Effie Kinneman

Effie Kinneman - 1914-15

Effie Kinneman

Effie Kinneman-002

Effie Kinneman &

Amanda with Effie‘s First

Children Gerald and Mildred

Amanda Kinneman holding Mildred with Gerald Krepps

Alexander Kinneman
with Daughter

Alexander Kinneman with daughter EffieEffie‘s Sister Minnie

Minnie Kinneman-002 (2)

Minnie Kinneman (2)


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