Gerald Krepps

Gerald Krepps married Ruth Donley in June, 1941

Gerald Krepps (2)Ruth Eleanor Donley-Krepps-June 1937

They had seven children

Janice Catherine – March 31, 1942

Janice Krepps

Richard Edward – May 12, 1943

Richard Edward

David William – November 3, 1947

David William

Marjorie Ann – October 5, 1948

Marjorie Ann

Philip Stephen – January 11, 1951

Promo - 2

Jeffrey John – April 17, 1955

Jeffrey John

Andrew Dennis – June 6, 1958

Andrew Dennis

More Information

GW Krepps McSherrystown PA Dentist

Mt. Briefing Article

Andy, ruth, Jeff, Phil, Dick, Dave, Janice, Marge David, Marjorie Hartsock, Philip, Jeffrey, Andrew, Seated Janice Melhorn, Richard  (Children of Ruth Krepps-Seated) Ruth & Family - 003 Ruth & Family


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