Donley – Russell – McCoy

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The Donleys

James Donley – Paternal Grandfather of John Donley
Rachel Swailes Bown – Maternal Grandmother of John Donley

James Donley (Grandfather of John Donley)Rachel Swailes Bown-Grandmother of John Donley on his mother Eva's Side

James William Donley-Father of John Donley – Oct 1913 – Age 61

James William Donley-Father of John Donley-562 Cambridge St. Coshocton, Ohio-Oct 1913-Age 61

Donley Home-562 Cambridge Street-Coshocton, Ohio 1913
Donley Family-Front-Mack, John-2nd-William, Eva-3rd-Nora, Charles, Thurza

James William Donley Family
Front – Mack, John – 2nd – William, Eva – 3rd – Nora, Charles, Thurza
Home of John Donley- New Moscow, OH
Home of John Donley– New Moscow, OH

The McCoys

William (Bup) McCoy-Father of LillianOlive Russell-McCoy

       William (Bup) McCoy                           Olive Russell McCoy

                                    Their Children

Lillian Russell McCoy DonleyWilliam J. McCoy

        Lillian Russell McCoy        William J. McCoy

John Donley Married Lillian Russell McCoy
John Donley-003Lillian Russell McCoy Donley-1910

Donley Home-525 Justice Avenue-Carnegie, Pa.
Donley Home-525 Justice Avenue-Carnegie, Pa.

The John & Lillian Donley Children

Ruth Donley
Ruth Donley-002Ruth, Helen & Dorothy Donley-867 Martha Avenue
Helen, Ruth & Dorothy Donley

John & Lillian Donley-1945
John & Lillian Donley-1945Thomas McCoy Family from Canada-Brother to William James McCoy

Thomas McCoy Family from Canada-Brother to William James McCoy

Additional Information

Bown Document Bown-1 Bown-2

Cemeteries where Donleys are buried

Donley Family History

Donley Line

Donley Info In John’s handwriting


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William McCoy, Jr., brother of Lillian – Mack; John Donley

William McCoy, Jr. (Brother of Lillian) Mack & John Donley
William McCoy-holding Helen Donley

William McCoy holding Helen Donley

William J. McCoy-2nd From Right
William Donley-562-cambridge-st-coshocton-ohio-october-1913-age-61
William Donley-562 Cambridge St. Coshocton, Ohio October 1913-Age 61
William (Bup) McCoy-Father-of-Lillian
William (Bup) McCoy-Father of Lillian
John Donley-Back Row Right
Lillian McCoy-Donley-Heavy lady in middle
John & Lillian’s Children-from left-Ruth, Helen, Unknown person holding Dorothy.


Thurza-Nora-Aunt Jennie-Margarite
Thurza, Nora, Aunt Jennie, Margarite
Thomas-Mccoy-family-from-Canada-brother-to-William James-McCoy1.jpg
Thomas McCoy Family from Canada-Brother to William James McCoy

Spangler Spring, Gettysburg, Pa. 1930’s
John, Dorothy, Helen & Lillian Donley with Lil’s Parents
-Spangler's Spring, Gettysburg
seated-olive-lil-howie snyder
Seated-Olive, Lil, Howie Snyder
Scio College-1911

Scio College 1910
Ruth’s Cousin – Carl-Curry.

Ruth's Cousin Carl Curry

Ruth's Cousin Carl Curry in Front
Ruth, Lillian, Dorothy, John, Helen Donley c. 1921
Ruth,Lillian, Dorothy, John, Helen Donley
Ruth, Marjorie Donley (cousin) Uncle Mac’s Daughter, Helen.jpg

Ruth, Marjorie Donley (Cousin-Uncle Mac's Daughter, Helen,

Ruth, Lillian, Helen Donley

Ruth, Lilian, Helen, John Donley

Ruth, Helen, John Donley

Ruth, Helen & Dorothy Donley-Gettysburg

Ruth, Helen & Dorothy Donley-867 Martha Avenue

Ruth Phillips, Ruth, Helen, Dorothy, John Donley

Ruth Krepps-1951

Ruth Krepps

Ruth Eleanor Donley-Krepps-002
Ruth Donley-Rear Left-Helen Donley-Front Right

Ruth Donley-May, 1930

Ruth Donley-Fruitville Pile

Ruth Donley-1940

Ruth Donley-1937

Ruth Donley-1924

Ruth Donley-1920

Ruth Donley-014

Ruth Donley-013

Ruth Donley-011

Ruth Donley-010

Ruth Donley-009

Ruth Donley-008

Ruth Donley-007

Ruth Donley-006

Ruth Donley-005

Ruth Donley-004

Ruth Donley-003

Ruth Donley-001

Ruth Donley

Ruth Donley, Frank Russell, John Donley

Ruth & Lillian Donley-Gettysburg

Ruth & Lillian Donley

Ruth & John Donley

Ruth & Helen Donley-Uncle Mac & John Donley

Ruth & Helen Donley-Little Round Top-Gettysburg-July 19, 1930

Ruth & Helen Donley-Fruitville Pike Home

Ruth & Helen Donley-1922

Ruth & Helen Donley

Richard Krepps, John Donley, Ruth Krepps

Peg, Ruth, Dorothy, Helen, Bud, John-609 West Chestnut Street

Orr, Klock, Donley-1930-Mandata, Pa.

Olive McCoy-Lillian Donley

Nora Cooksey on Left-John Donley's Sister

Nixon Faraker Donley-Tuscaruwas River, Ohio
Nixon Faraker Donley

Marion Russell-Mandata, Pa.


Mack, Nora & Charles Donley

Mack Donley-Front Left-William & Olive McCoy-Front Center-Lillian & John Donley behind them

Mack & John Donley

Mac, Charles, John

Lucille, Helen, June

Lil's Engagement Announcement

Lillian, Ruth, Helen Donley-Lil taught John to drive this car

Lillian, Helen, Ruth

Lillian Donley-May, 1930

Lillian Donley-Front

Lillian Donley-1974

Lillian Donley & Helen-1918

Lil Dates

Klock Home-Mandata, Pa. - 002

John, Helen, Ruth Donley, Bup

John, Dorothy, Lillian, Ruth Donley

John, Bup, Marion, Dot, Lola Frank

John Henry Donley

John H. Donley-1920
John H. Donley Residence-Fruitville Pike-Lancaster, Psa. 1936

John Donley-Scio, Ohio-1911

John Donley-New Moscow, Ohio-1907

John Donley-Left-003

John Donley-Left-002

John Donley-Left John Donley-Gettysburg John Donley-Front Left John Donley-Carnegie, Pa. John Donley-Back-Left John Donley-010 John Donley-006 John Donley-4th from Right John Donley-3rd from Right John Donley-3rd from Left  John Donley-2nd From Left John Donley-001 John Donley John Donley with Janice & Richard Krepps John Donley Home New Moscow, Ohio John Donley holding granddaughter Janice Krepps-1944 John Donley & E. G. Hutchinson, Skyline Drive, Va. John Donley - Right-003 John Donley - Right-002 John Donley - Right John Donley - 006 John Donley - 005 John Donley - 004 John Donley - 003 John Donley - 002 John Donley - 001 John & Lillian McCoy-Donley John & Lillian Donley-c. 1923-24 John & Lillian Donley-1945 John & Lillian Donley John & Lillian Donley with daughter Dorothy holding Janice & Richard Krepps - c. 1944 John & Lilian Donley-Mrs. Peffer, Dorothy Donley Jenny Mann (Aunt of John Donley) Jennie Rachel Janice, Aunt Margaret, Floss Curry, Lillian Donley Janice & Richard Krepps-1947 Janice & Richard Krepps with John Donley James William Donley-Father of John Donley-From Tin Type-002 James William Donley-Father of John Donley-From Tin Type James William Donley-Father of John Donley-562 Cambridge St. Coshocton, Ohio-Oct 1913-Age 61 James Donley (Grandfather of John Donley)  J. William Donley-562 Cambridge St. Coshocton, Ohio October 1913-Age 61 Helen, Ruth, Dorothy Donley-1931 Helen, Ruth Donley Helen, Ruth & Dorothy Donley Helen, Lucille, Olive, Ruth, Lillian Helen, John, Ruth Donley Helen, Dorothy, Ruth, Lillian Donley Helen Dorothy & Ruth donley Helen Donley-Back Row-Right Helen Donley-005 Helen Donley-002 Helen Donley-001 Helen Donley Helen & Ruth with the Watts' Helen & Ruth Donley-Moscow Creek-July 1927 Helen & Ruth Donley Helen & Lillian Donley-002 Helen & Lillian Donley Harvey Klock House-Mandata, Pa. Guide-Ruth-John-Bus-Gettysburg Guide, Bup, Helen, Ruth Gettysburg-1938 Gettysburg Text Fruitville Pike Fruitville Pike Barn Front-Ruth, Helen, Lucille Strauss, Dorothy-Back-William & Olive McCoy, Lillian, Frank & Ellie Strauss, John Donley, Elisha McCoy (Brother of Lillian) Front-Charles & Mack Donley-2nd Ernest Drake-3rd-John Donley, Thurza Donley-Drake and J. William Donley Frank Russell & Ruth Donley Frank & Olive-c. 1933 Frank & Marion Russell Epworth League-Carnegie Sub District-1915-Lilian Russell back right Dot-Helen-Ruth Dorthy, Helen & Ruth Donley-601 Chestnut St. Lancaster, Pa. Dorthy Donley & Olive McCoy (Lola) Dorothy, Ruth, John Donley-Gettysburg Dorothy, Ruth, Helen Donley Dorothy, Helen, Ruth-Front-Next Left-Lillian Dorothy, Helen, Ruth Donley Dorothy Donley-Weller-002 Dorothy Donley-Weller-001 Dorothy Donley-Weller Dorothy Donley-1931 Dorothy Donley Dorothy Donley, Grandmother, Olive Russell McCoy Dorothy & Ruth Donley Donley's - 925 State Street Donley Wedding Date Donley Outing-002 Donley Outing Donley Home-562 Cambridge Street-Coshocton, Ohio 1913  Donley Girls  Donley Extended Family Donley Christmas Donley Children Cloisters-Ephrata, Pa. 1930 Civil War Veterans-1938-R. R. Station Arrival Civil War Veterans-1938-Arrival Civil War Veterans-1938-005 Civil War Veterans-1938-004 Civil War Veterans-1938-003 Civil War Veterans-1938-002 Civil War Veterans-1938-001 Charles & Mac Donley Bup, Helen, Lillian, Dorothy Betty Jane & Betty Myer, Ken Bailey, Dot Moedinger, Helen, Unknown, Ruth Aretas & Ada Wright-Home near New Moscow, Oh - c. 1906 867 Martha Street-Lancaster, Pa 847 Martha Avenue-Lancaster, Pa.-1931 525 Justice Avenue, Carnegie, Pa.


4 thoughts on “Donley – Russell – McCoy”

  1. Dr. Paul Batesel said:

    I have borrowed the photo of the four Scio College students with the pennant from your website. My website is This has a profile of Scio College. I will remove the photo if you have objections to this non-commercial use of your property.

    • I have no issue, I’m glad the information is doing some good. I hope to spend more time in my retirement adding more information.


  2. Dr. Paul Batesel said:

    Many thanks.


  3. Lauren Williams said:

    I googled Mary Ann Rhoadman Russell and found your site. Robert Calvin Russell and Mary Ann Rhoadman Russell were my great-great-grandparents. We have the same document – “Authentic Record of the Russell Family Bible”! Great pictures of Olive Russell. Olive’s brother John Norrie Russell was my great-grandfather.

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