Widow Krepps

Bartholomaus Schubert was born about 1756.  He died between 1780-1847.

Nargatha Akenbrand was born about 1756. She died between 1780-1850.

Bartholomaus Schubert married Nargatha Akenbrand between 1772-1804.

They begat:

Michael Schubert who was born about 1776. He died between 1813-1867.

Michael Bach was born about 1756.  He died between 1780-1847.

Ottolia Leicht was born about 1756.  She died between 1780-1850.

Michael Bach married Ottolia Leicht between 1772-1804.

They begat:

Anna Marie Bach who was born about 1776 in Strahlungen, Germany. She died between 1813-1871.

Michael Schubert married Anna Marie Bach on January 18, 1796.

They had the following child:
Catharina Schubert was born on September 9, 1810 in Salz, Bavaria, Germany.
She married “?” Krepps before 1835.  He was born about 1810.  He died before 1844.
She emigrated about 1844 to Baltimore, Md.
She died on February 23, 1888 in Gettysburg, Adams Co., Pa. at the Alms House (County Home).
Burial was ZMarch 8, 1888, St. Francis Xavier Catholic Cemetery, Gettysburg, Pa.
She later married Boniface Newheffer about 1844.
He was born about 1802 in Germany.  He died between 1873-1874 in Conewago Twp., Adams Co.

For years we knew her only as ‘Widow’ Krepps
from the immigration papers in Baltimore.
Sometime after 2000 AD we learned her maiden name, Catharina Schubert,
as well as the two generations before her.

The Widow KreppsCatharina Schubert-KreppsCatharina and “?” Krepps had two sons: Casper & Michael

Casper Krepps (sometimes shown as Kaspar)

Caspar Krepps

Born October 25, 1835, Bavaria, Germany
Married Sarah Anne Haar – March 1, 1859-Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Edgegrove, Conewago Twp., Adams Co., Pa.
(Hereafter called Conewago Chapel)
Sarah was the Daughter of Jacob Von Haar and Maria Martin
She was Born – November 15, 1836 – She died March 12, 1910 – McSherrystown, Pa.
Casper died November 1, 1917 – Hanover, Pa.

Burial-November 5, 1917 – Conewago Chapel

Caspar’s Citizenship Papers

Citizenship Casper Krepps

More Caspar Information

Casper Krepps

Vaccination Certificate

Kasper Krepps' Vaccination certificate


Michael Krepps
Michael Krepps
Born – July 12, 1836
Died – February 18, 1909, Lancaster, Pa
Buried – February 1909 in Greenwood Cemetery, Lancaster, Pa.
Married – Rosanna-Seidenberger – October 30, 1866
Military – July 12, 1861-June 10, 1865 – Civil War Veteran
Rosanna was born unknown and died after February 18, 1909

Children of Casper & Sarah (Haar) Krepps

Francis, Mary, Catherine, John, Ignatius, Lydia, Joseph, Jerome, Lucy

Ignatius William Krepps
Ignatius Krepps
Born – August 27, 1867 – McSherrystown, Pa.

Baptism – September 1, 1867 – Conewago Chapel
Died – December 9, 1946- McSherrystown, Pa.
Burial – December 1946 – Annunciation McSherrystown, Pa


On January 9th, 1889

Ignatius William Krepps
Married Loretta (Lottie) Virginia Trone

         Ignatius Krepps-002

Lottie Trone Krepps

who was the daughter of George Trone & Agnes Lipp-Trone
George Trone-Father of Lottie Trone Krepps

George Trone – Lottie’s Father
No photo of Agnes Lipp – Trone – (Lottie’s Mother)

Lottie was Born – July 23, 1868 – York, Pa.
and Died – December 30, 1952 – McSherrystown, Pa.

Ignatius & Lottie (Trone) Krepps – 1950’s
Ignatius & Lottie (Trone) Krepps - c. 1943-45



Children of Ignatius & Lottie (Trone) Krepps

Sarah Agnes – 1892-1892
Earl George – April 4, 1894 – March 7, 1975-Vero Beach Fl. (whose line this is following)
Mark Edward – 1895-1966
Paul Henry – 1898-1952
Robert C – 1906-1911
Albert – Unknown – Family Tree runs through York, Pa.

Mark, Albert, Earl & Paul, Ignatius & Lottie (Trone) Krepps

Mark, Albert, Earl, Paul, Ignatius & Lottie Krepps





Annunciation B.V.M. Cemetery, McSherrystown, Pa.

Grave-Ig & Lottie Krepps-Taken 1958
Michael Krepps (2)


Annunciation B.V.M. McSherrystown & Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Edgegrove, Pa.

    Grave Stones

Click below for Text

Krepps Family History


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