Earl Krepps

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Earl George Krepps
Married – Effie M. Kinneman May 7, 1916

Effie was Born-c. 1894 – Died-August 16, 1936

Wedding Day
Earl George Krepps-Wedding Day-May-7, 1916Effie Kinneman - Wedding Day - May 7, 1916
Earl & Effie Krepps
September 15, 1922
Earl & Effie (Kinneman) Krepps-09-15-1929

Earl later Married Rebecca Schmidt before 1948
Born 1897 – Died – December 1948

Earl later Married Mary Catherine Henry -1949
Born September 8, 1907-Died January 8, 1975

Children of Earl & Effie (Kinneman) Krepps

Gerald (Jerry) William – May 15, 1917 – June 30, 1980
Gerald Krepps-002Gerald Krepps (5)

Mildred (Mim) – June 21, 1919 – January 7, 1984
Robert – May 7, 1924 – Died-1997
Mary Jane – August 11, 1925 –
George E. 1926-1936

Mim & Jerry with Father Earl              Mim & Jerry c. 1920
Earl-Gerald-Mim-05-13-1026Gerald & Mim Krepps-003
Jerry – May 13, 1926                       Jerry – June 1932
Gerald Krepps-05-13-1926Gerald-06-1932
Jerry with Effie – 1934               Only known photo of George with his cousin Paul, Jr.
Gerald, Effie, Krepps-June 1934Cousins-George & Paul Jr. Krepps

Mim, Bob, Mary Jane & Jerry
Mim, Bob, Mary Jane, Gerald

Back Row-1st-Mim-4th-Mary Jane-6th-Bob
Mim, x, x, Mary Jane, x, (Bob)-Back Row

Earl George Krepps

.Earl George Krepps (2)Earl George Krepps-4-4-1894---03-1975Earl & Mark Krepps Mark, Earl, Paul, Albert KreppsMark, Albert, Paul, Earl (front) KreppsEarl George Krepps-Wedding Day-May-7, 1916Paul, Edna, Mark, Earl, Effie, Albert, Ignatius, Gerald, LottieEarl, Paul, Mark, Effie, Gerald Earl Krepps & Harvey CashmanEarl George Krepps (4)Lottie, Earl, George Trone, Gerald (Lottie Married Ignatius)MX-2640N_20130730_103253_018Mim-Lynn-Gerald-Sis-Bob-Mary Jane-Paul, Jr. KreppsMim & Paul, Jr.  KreppsGerald Krepps-002Gerald & Mim Krepps-003Gerald Krepps (3)  Gerald & Mim Krepps-002      Gerald & Mim KreppsJerry Krepps & John Wood-Mt. St. Mary's 1938John Wood & Gerald KreppsRobert & Gerald Krepps Jerry & Earl-1943   Gerald Krepps-McSherrystown, Pa. Gerald Krepps-CMTC-1934             Ignatius & Lottie Krepps - Gerald holding Janice Krepps-1943Lottie Trone Krepps-Holding Janice


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